A Mind-Fuck Game.

Get a group of friends together - you know, like a party. At least one person needs to be left in the dark on the rules and gameplay and such - that's the whole fun of the game. Sit in a circle or some other geometric configuration facing inward. One person holds an imaginary pistol and fires it where ever he sees fit, saying 'bang' if the shot went off, and 'click' if there was a misfire. Now the fuckee needs to figure out who got killed (and more importantly, why).

The trick is simple. Whoever the first person to speak is after the shooting stops is dead. It has nothing to do with where the shots were aimed. Through some creative combinations of bang and clicks at certain people, you will thoroughly confuse your fuckee. Keep up the front that there is some method to this madness, and enjoy the results

Bang. Bang Bang. Click. Bang Click.