10:26 bst

Woke up this morning to a good start (hugs and kisses with IainB) but still nervous about whether or not our Idlewild tickets will arrive, bad sign that they've not arrived as the gig is tonight.

As staying at mum's house phoned Iain's house to see if any sign of tickets.
Nope! Iain's little sister Marion got to say "oh dear" though... think she thinks it's funny.. *grrrrr...*.

10:38 bst

Iain phoned wayahead (www.tickets-online.co.uk), tickets have been reported as lost or stolen.. anyone who arrives with our tickets will be arrested (ooh err..) and we get in with Iain's switch card and order number, wahey!

10:45 bst (this WU is taking forever to write isn't it?)

So another weekend at the Barrowlands.. Live Music! Iain and I went to see Placebo last week.

Was getting worried that we'd be spending the weekend in watching tv... and that my brother would never get his 20th birthday present from Iain and me (my brother, another who almost missed out on the concert).

00:23 bst

Am back from the gig... it rocked something special... "And as the mosh pit opened out in front of us, I prayed to god for my life."