Was late for college today, missed analytical drawing for the third week in a row. I'm worried about losing my bursary.

I stayed up all night with my cat, Buddy... He was drugged and dozed most of the night but when he roused he moaned and bit at his stitches. His tail is bald and about half the length it was, but he's been bright all of today. Looking for loadsa attention he has soaked up all that he's gotten.

Keep being sick, not good but I'm going home soon so I'll get to sleep and now Buddy's feeling better I can relax a bit and get college sorted.

Only ten days now till the Christmas holidays, only sad thing about that is that most of my family are working during Christmas Eve. I don't think my brother gets paid any extra for it but my Mum, my Dad and my fiancee all do.

Oh yeah, plus things... I got a present from a friend at college today, a really nifty Art History book and my Grampa's back from his holiday so I'll get to see him again soon.