Noding drunk after a night drinking in Rural Japan

A story told by a blind woman:

"It was a special high school - the cheerleading squad had 4 blind people and 4 deaf people. It was really hard to teach the blind people the motions and the deaf people the words."

I heard this tonight when I was out drinking with this blind girl who works as an english teacher in a school for the blind in kochi. She's the first blind person I've ever met. She is very good with words and is a confident speaker.

We were in a bar where I bumped into a guy I'd met before. He had been on shrooms last time, in the same bar. (Shrooms are legal in Japan). He was nice, so I had given him one of the burned cds I was carrying. He was happy to see me again, and taught me some japanese. I told him about the cd i am making now, and said something about "the pure heart of children" and how I was mixing random sound clips of children learning english with other music. He seemed enthusiastic about it. He is a cool japanese hairdresser with blond hair around the edges and black in the middle.