I am searching for the word infinite on e2, and I see that one of the search results is Infinite payola, banana corolla, touch offer. But, in the dream version of e2, each search result has a little green button next to it, and the x-y position of this button indicates something about the search. Then, I suddenly wake up. I write those strange words down, so I can remember it the next day. After some other dreams, I wake up again and look for those words - it turns out that I wrote them on the side of a pencil. That's strange, how did I do that? Content that they are safe, I go back to sleep. Then I wake up again, look on the desk for the pencil, but realize that writing it down was just a dream. So then I go to sleep again and have a dream that my best friend's ex-girlfriend sneaks into my house and sits on top of me, and then starts licking my eyelids. It's nice and warm.

Then I really wake up and make sure I remember this phrase.