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Photoshopsamurai = Mild photographer, great photomanipulator (PHOTOSHOP ROCKS!), good web designer, learning Flash MX, going to start year 9 at school next year, owns too many websites, has too many floppy disks stuck in box on the second shelf in bedroom, loves "The Sting" (excellent movie!), spells "colour", "colour", wants a good old, warm, orange, reclining chair that squeeks (yer can't find them anymore!), has 100 "Fantail" wrappers, has three shoeboxes full of junk in cupboard, mild nerd, happy person, that guy who takes bad, fuzzy pictures at shcool productions and one of those people who help others and never get a "Thanks". Ya, that's about all that's safe to tell you now. I don't want any stalkers...:P Seeya!