I'm not perfect. I make mistakes. I'm human.

If I were to break your computer fixing it, should I feel bad? Should I be obligated to replace the fried motherboard?

Don't let yourself get caught into the trap of having to fix someone else's computer. Say Allison asks you to install her new hard drive. You have three general responses, much like in the old 8 bit RPG Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis. They are this:

Sure, I’ll try to fix your computer
Sorry, I’m busy
WTF, woman, I ain’t yo’ slave!

The correct choice is the second.

If you choose the first choice, you will either win the saving throw against tech (you probably will), or fail, and have some dead hardware on your hands. Morally, you’re obligated to replace it, free of charge. In my mind, I’m not. I was providing a service free of charge, and offered no guarantees that anything wouldn’t go wrong, nor insurance against it. So not only is your new hard drive not installed, but you’re short a motherboard. It’s not like you wouldn’t have killed it if you had installed it. But don’t worry, no one ever gets to know what would have happened. But if I were to successfully fix your computer, what’s in it for me? A favor? Ok, you owe me a favor. But the opportunity cost of that favor was pretty expensive.

The third choice gets the message across better than the second, but then you can’t ask for a favor someday if you need it. It’s just rude.

Choose the second choice. Make up an excuse not to fix her computer. Your CHA should be high enough to do that, you geek, you. There’s always another geek out there who doesn’t get any, and is too eager-to-please to realize he’s being used for his high INT, and good saving throws vs. tech.

My roommate offers the deal to any cute girl at NCSU with immediate computer problems. You flash him, he fixes your computer. Sorry ladies, he’s taken.