It doesn't work.

I've done it too many times to count. Usually, I break the silence with, "Hey Shannon", or "Hi Valerie". After this, i've found, there are three possible outcomes.

1: “Hi Phil.” Either genuine, or out of guilt, it always has hidden meaning behind it. Listen carefully to the tone she uses. Either she means to give the idea that “There’s something I want to say, but you have to get me to say it,” or “Why do you keep talking to me?”

2: She smiles back. Again, this could mean two things, “Why don’t you say something to me, so we can break the ice?” or “Who are you?” and “Why do you keep smiling at me?”

3: She doesn’t respond. Whether this is intentional, or not, it is the most demoralizing of the three outcomes. I try my best to determine which of the two it is, but doubt always gets the best of me. Try to get her attention, only a real bitch won’t respond out of guilt. If she doesn’t, imagine a red X stamped on her forehead, and move on. There is always someone better. If she does respond, see outcomes 1 or 2 accordingly.