Metroid Fusion is a story about Metroid Prime

Let me qualify

  • However, on the way back to HQ, Samus's ship crashes into an asteroid belt, which she later finds out is because of something called an X Parasite.
  • Nintendo was riding this donkey all the way to the bank when from out of nowhere comes the 'X parasite', err, XBox, riding on the success of a business created in no small part by Nintendo.

  • When she awoke in a lab surrounded by researchers, she found that much of her suit was missing (Rare), but that she was still alive.
  • After the holiday season in 2001, Nintendo expected much higher sales for the GameCube console and wasn't as strong in the console market as they would have liked.

  • It seemed like the X Parasite was multiplying inside of her and she was nearly dead when a researcher had the idea of vaccinating her with metroid cells, which were natural predators to the X Parasite.
  • It seemed like the XBox was doing fairly well with titles, exclusives, and sales when Nintendo realized the Metroid franchise could save their corporation from the XBox. And thus was born Metroid Prime.

Minor Spoiler Follows:

  • However, the X Parasites have a tendancy to not only infect, but also replicate in a nearly identical form as their previous hosts. So now, Samus has a clone onboard trying to kill her, but Samus kicks ass!
  • The XBox has currently and surely will continue to have games that compare to Metroid Prime in format, but it all comes down to the fact that Metroid kicks ass!