Late into the evening of Tuesday, March 12, 2002, my 1994 BMW 318i was broken into. The perpetrators completely busted out the rear right corner window and, after realizing you cannot unlock a recent BMW without the keys, pulled themselves through the tiny opening they had provided themselves. Amazing what a human can accomplish when need arises. I'm not sure what they needed; maybe it was drugs, money, a good time, I'll probably never know... But the point is crawling through a triangular hole about one foot by six inches is no small feat, but the payoff was excellent:

To put this in perspective, I'd estimate my loss very close to $2,000. On top of this, whoever took these things attempted to steal the car itself, and as it stands, the ignition is so completely busted, I can't insert the key. I would estimate the damage at a little under $1,000. I'm still getting over the loss, but thats not why I'm writing this.

I don't need a psychiatrist

I'm not writing this in hopes that someone will miraculously find my stuff and /msg me.

I don't need a classified section

... I'm writing this to share with you my view on the situation. This didn't happen to me; this happened to my possessions when I wasn't letting them consume my life... My girlfiend always points out that you normally don't get sick, your body gets sick. On Tuesday night, my body was coming down with a cold, and I needed to be up early to following morning, and instead of emptying my car, I went to bed.

I put myself before my possessions

And someone else put their needs before my possessions.

My roommate was very sympathetic through all of this, but sympathy only goes so far. For the next couple of weeks, I'll be getting a years worth of "that sucks" and "I'm sorry"s. Drinking, on the other hand, does momentary wonders for a situation. So we ran to our local Mini-Mart and bought ourselves some hard ciders and played some serious Soul Calibur and discussed what happened. For those of you who don't play Soul Calibur the basis of the game is to either take the opponents life bar to nothing or to knock them out of the ring. He threw my character against the edge, but my character wasn't rung out.

"At least you're not dead"

I don't know what he meant by it when he said it, but thats not important. I'm not going to sit here and compare how life is like this game, and i'm lucky I just got knocked down because I can keep playing which is the most important thing in a 'game'

I'm not lame

I was upset because I lost my set of headphones that defined me as a person. I was upset because my car doesn't drive. But what I have to realize is that I won't always be using that pair of headphones and I won't always be driving that car. The headphones could break; the car could be stolen; or in worst case, I'd be dead.

Everything you own is merely leased until you die.

These things are not permanent. You are the most permanent thing you'll ever know, and you are not the car you drive.

You are the same decaying matter as everything else