It's really amazing the kinds of sales tactics these guys have, which leads me to believe that they're not all a big cartel, although I do know for a fact that one particular group of grease truck guys owns more than one truck.

I suggest that any potential business major go to the grease trucks to really study their craft, because the grease truck guys have got it down pat. From the 'Hey Buddy!' technique, to the obligatory handshake, to the vague flirting they carry on with the female patrons, they could all be very successful used car salesman, but for some reason I think that owning the food trucks is much more lucrative.

I went to the Grease Trucks one night aroung 1:30am with a female friend to get a couple of fat-something-or-others, and he (the random interchangable grease truck man) was rather flirtatious in a courtious manner with her.

He gave her a free pack of juicy fruit gum (I suppose because she was a new customer and also female) and when he handed over her sandwich he said, and I'm not kidding:

"Here you go, and it has extra yum yum for you!"

he then handed me my sandwich, and I asked:

"Does mine have extra yum yum?"

to which he replied:

"Uhh, yes!"

to which I replied:

"But I don't want extra yum yum! I didn't ask for extra yum yum!"

He was kind of like a deer caught in the headlights, so we prompty left.