I've noticed that in general, there really isn't much difference between being an atheist and being an agnostic besides politeness.

Most atheists are sensible enough to know that there really isn't a way to prove or disprove the existence of god(s). Of course, this kind of view is never actually practiced in the real world, as you would be completely incapacitated.

Say your friend calls you on the phone and asks "I'm going to come pick you up, where are you?"

Do you respond : "I am not really sure. It appears that I am home, but I could really be anywhere. While I have no specific memory of leaving my house, it's very possible that Evie Garland, star character from the 1987 TV Series 'Out of this World' played by Maureen Flannagan, has frozen time and displaced me into a completely different world that is for all intents and purposes the same as the old world, yet different because I have indeed been moved. So I don't know if I'm home or not, in fact, I'm not exactly sure that you're you, and that's kind of scary. I'm going to hang up now, that is, if this is actually a phone that I am holding. I'm not sure."



Maybe without the obscenities, although you should probably leave them in.

It seems to me that the only difference between an Agnostic and an Atheist that I have observed is generally politeness....

If you're agnostic it says to people:
"Hey, I'm not really religious, but hey, there could possibly be a god, so you could be right, and I could be right, hey guy, who really knows? Lets go get a soda, an orange soda, it's on me."

Whereas being an athiest kind of says to people:
"Hey, I sure am right, and you sure are wrong. I don't believe in god, and by extension of that, I don't believe in your god, or any god for that matter. As a matter of fact, your god is fake, and you are wrong. You get no orange soda. In fact, I'm going to go to your house and check your refridgerator for orange soda, and if you have any... I'm going to take it. That's right, you heard me. I'm going to take it. You will have no orange soda left."

It is unfortunate that I probably appear to be a very impolite person.

This is only what I've observed, mind you. I think i've met a few real agnostics and they stick out from the atheists in general because they state that they really don't care either way. That's cool with me