(Semi-Sort-of-Christian-but-who-knows-really) Translation:

  • I don't go to church
  • I've probably never read the holy book(s) of whatever religion I purport to be a follower of
  • Even if I have read the previously mentioned holy book(s), I don't do anything they say, or I pick and choose the rules that are convenient for me (ie: the ones that don't affect me in any way).

Basically, I believe in some vague notion of god that I haven't really thought about really hard for fear that I might be wrong, or perhaps just because I really don't think about things that hard. I just really don't want to get screwed in the afterlife if there is one. Not that i'm saying that I have any doubt that there's an afterlife, because I don't. I'm sure god digs me though, he's always got my back, yo, because I'm certainly not someone who would deny his existance, that's for sure. Yes indeedy, me and god are good pals.

The above is something I've heard a million times in different roundabout ways.