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mission drive within everything
to reach a critical mass and create a supernova of unsustainable energy
kung fu pizza throwing, deep growled burping, remembering cast of vague regional movies which nobody ever saw
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Permanently scarred by nuclear radiation, the world finally realised that genetic mutation was not as horrible as it seems, because it could create something so wondrous as me!!! not to be outdone, a large number of people in east india jumped into vats of nuclear waste. But alas! they perished leaving behind large families with no surviving heirs. this lead to a mass outrage against the original hero, who had to retreat into the sewers of a western metropolitan town in Mumbai, constantly scouraging for food among the wastes that the city dumped into its sewers. It was a terrible life but due to his perserverence, determination and sheer guts, he survived a whole year while the world slowly forgot his existence. Once he became aware, after his frequent incursions into the upper world, that the world had slowly moved on, he made his slow foray into the real world trying to adjust to the weird routines and daily monotony which he was not used to. somehow, he was able to work his way through college and find himself employed as a, god forbid, software engineer. the going was not good and life seemed pretty dull. he wished to go back to the good days in the sewer where his only friends, the lizards and the sewer rats used to take care of him. he even remembered thinking maybe they definitely had intelligence and emotion more than present race of humans, who constantly forgot his birthdays and annoyed him terribly. But he has learnt to live. to survive. and to code.