Castor is the name of the train in which is currently transporting 85 tons of nuclear waste from the french reprocessing plant La Hague in France, to Dannenberg, Germany. There have been massive protests all along the tracks for the two days, by activist groups such as Greenpeace and Robin Wood, as well as local farmers.

There are 30,000 police deployed to deal with protesters, the biggest police operation ever in post-war Germany. Some protesters have chained themselves to the tracks, causing delays up to six hours. A group of five embedded themselves in a block of concrete between the tracks, and it took more than 12 hours to remove them and repair the tracks. On Tuesday 12,000 people demonstrated in Dannenberg, with smaller ones in Bielefeld, Hamburg, Leipzeig, and Essen.

Journalists with identification have been denied access to the sites, and an indymedia car reportedly had the windows smashed by police. Some mobile phone coverage in the area is down, supposedly due to a problem with the software. There are many reports of police brutality, at times even certain riot police had to intervene to stop extreme violence.

Huge protests are planned for today, as the waste will be loaded onto trucks and attempted to be stored in the repository in Gorleben.

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