See Abu Ghraib Prison abuse scandal to read what I consider the biggest story in today's news.

I am a military man. As it turns out, I am not in Iraq right now. Probably later, but not right now.

I am in Key West.

Now, Key West is a very liberal town. Rainbow flags hang above business doors. New age hippies wander the beaches. People faint at the thought of a sea turtle or chicken being harmed.

They call themselves open-minded here. I believe them. I believe them because in the years I have been here, never once have I ever felt unwelcome. Even when Iraq War II started, and there were protesters on the street corners, never once did anyone so much as give me a dirty look while I was in uniform.

That's pretty remarkable. I have been stationed all over the world, and usually you can expect a sneer or two as time passes, but not here in open-minded, open-hearted Key West. I love this town, and when you love something, you try to honor it.

Then last night I see a few pictures of military men and women clearly torturing civilians. I think to myself, "And these are only the ones stupid enough to take pictures". Logic suggests what we see is only the tip of the iceberg. Logic further suggests that...sigh...the powers that be will strive to keep further details hidden.

And today I go into a Winn-Dixie to buy my wife some flowers. I am in uniform. I am waiting in line.

And is a bad day.