The way to cook a whole chicken on a grill. No fancy rotary rotissery needed, or even wanted.

Open three cans of beer. Drink them. Leave one quarter of the beer in the can (trust me, it's for a good reason).

Take three whole chickens. Wash them off. Stick the beer cans up their butt. Now that's a perfect fit.

Sit the chickens on the grill, using the bottom of the beer can as the base. They will sit up nicely with a beer can up their butt. Close the lid and keep the temperature relatively low. That one quarter beer will steam up into the cavity, keeping the chicken moist.

The only part likely to burn, assuming you keep the fire low, is the chicken tail (which nobody eats) and the very ends of the chicken legs (which is all bone). Tada, whole chicken cooked on the grill. Serve with beans and chunks of bread.

Do not try to drink the remaining beer after cooking the chickens. It is hot and greasy.