A song by Pete Townsend, performed by the Who.

I read somewhere that this song was going to be part of a 15-song rock opera like "Tommy". The plot was something like this:

In the future, with test-tube babies and all, you wouldn't get your kids the old way, (Heaven forbid!) you'd get them by sending in your order form. One couple's wish is to have four lovely little girls. However, at the Fertilisation Plant (or wherever they do it) they get the order wrong and send 3 fabulously feminine females, and one boy. Naturally, his parents don't particularly like him, and treat him (sorry to be so frank) like shit. When guests come over the poor boy must wear a wig and dress up like a girl, being bullied by his sisters.

The song "I'm a boy" is the kid's feelings in terms of being a girl or being a boy. It's not deep, but it's cute, and the tune is groovey.

The boy say he wants "to play cricket on the green, ride his bike across the street, I want to come all covered in mud, cut myself and see my blood." etc.etc.

As a Who fan, I reckon it would have been quite nice to have a whole opera done out, but alas, it was not to be. This is the one song they did.