Chilling is one of man's most ancient activities. To chill is to make a point of chilling out, of being relaxed and content. Chilling varies from culture to culture and person to person, but normally consists of some or all of the following things:

  • seated positions
  • good conversation
  • quiet atmosphere
  • a mild form of escapism
  • a long amount of time.
Chilling is hard to do when you have something on your mind, but can be exactly what you need to take your mind off it. Chilling with strangers can be great, but the true joy is to chill with close friends that you get along very well with. Personally, I think chilling against the clock is a bit of a no-no, because it's hard to relax when you need to be somewhere soon. Of course, if one has limited time perhaps the only thing one can do is to chill with a nearby session.