Russian Lullabies is Havalina Rail Co.'s third album, released in 1999 by Jackson Rubio Records. It is a concept album, based on the expiriment done by Igor Stravinsky when he wrote music based only on what he had read about jazz music, having never actually heard any. Havalina Rail Co. interest in Russia was spurned by hearing people such as Stravinsky and reading Fyodor Dostoevsky and Leo Tolstoy, was reinterpreted it into an album.
The tracks are:

Twilight Time
Siberian Safari
Red and Blue (In St. Petersburgh)
Traffic In Moscow
Change and Forms
The Lovesick Blues of a Young Soviet Proletariate
Before Ararat composed by Orlando Greenhill
Total Depravity
The Sensual Song
Nathan's Song
Russian Lullaby
Rivers Of Russia composed by Mark Cole