Black Kettle (or "Moke-ta-ra-to") was an important chief of the Cheyenne Indians. His tribe hunted in the area between the Platte and Arkansas rivers', including Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Oklahoma. They at one time lived on a reservation in Colorado adjoining an allotment for the Arapahos. However, Black Kettle spent much of his life trying to create a peace between the Cheyennes and Arapahos, and the settlers. Black Kettle is most famous for his part in the Sand Creek Massecre.

Black Kettle and a few of his people escaped the carnage at Sand Creek only to relive the nightmare again about four years later on the Washita river. He and somewhere between 40 and 100 others, largely women and children were killed during an attack General George Armstrong Custer. Black Kettle died November 27, 1868.