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mission drive within everything
KKK burned the mission down
things in the barn
id rather not say causeof felonys
keep a clear path to the barn
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I am a retired hippy, that has farmed for 25 yrs. A lot of my schooling came from,not so inbread,folks down the road apiece.I have traveled out of our township 17 times,and the county 2ce.My hobbys are skinnen rabits and plucken ducks.i like to hunt,but i cant own a gun.Because of an insadent that happend in the barn,(id rather not talk about)they said it was a felony.My biggest concern is things have just got to darn complacated.I just mentioned to my cousen Jasper,things got so darn complecated,folks dont even have time to wave nomore.Jasper said, it was that thing in the barn. No,now dont take me wrong,that wasnt just a thing.Jasper says i said enough fer now.He said if i keep it up, i could get me another one of them felonys.Now that might sound like some,hi faluten deal,but ill tell ya,its not