The Bionic Six was an 80's cartoon co-created by LJN Toys that was produced in 1987 and ran for two years. The basic plot was that Jack Bennet ( Bionic-1 ) had bionic powers and fought crime without his family suspecting anything. . . until their plane crashed and they were saved by also being turned bionic. The family goes on to fight crime and tell wisecracks until the show was cancelled. The show was shortly revived in the late 90's on the sci-fi channel.

The Family
  • Jack Bennet ( Bionic-1 ) - The first one in the family to be bionic. He has super-vision, and super-hearing
  • Helen ( Mother-1 ) - Jack's wife has powers of ESP and Holographic Projection
  • Meg ( Rock - 1 ) - The teenage daughter who has an 80's rock attitude. She has sonic disruptors and super-speed.
  • Eric ( Sport-1 ) - The teenage jock son has magnetic power arms and a power bat.
  • J.D. ( I.Q. ) - The family's adopted black teenager, J.D. invents many things and is a super-genius. His bionics give him super strength and even more I.Q.
  • Bunjiro ( Karate-1 ) - Another adopted kid, Bunji is a Japanese kid who always finds himself in trouble. He has martial arts skills and super strength.
  • F.L.U.F.F.I. - A big, strong, robot ape with built-in tools who is always ridiculous of course!
  • Professor Sharpe - The guy who gave the bionics to the family and sends them on their missions.