CTY, the Center for Talented Youth, is the name for all of Johns Hopkins University's talented student programs, including their talent search. It is also the name of one of the CTY Summer Programs called CTY. (That program was once called the CTY Older Students Summer Program. Whew!) The organization's structure looks like (1):

The Center for Academic Programs (CAP)
They administer the CTY summer programs, including CTY and Baby CTY
The Center for Talent Identification (CTI)
It conducts CTY's talent search, the process by which they identify eligible students and possible revenue sources
The Center for Distance Education (CDE)
They administer the CTY Math Tutorials and the CTY Writing Tutorials through distance education. The CTY Writing Tutorials were formerly known as the Expository Writing Tutorials (EWT).
The Study of Exceptional Talent (SET)
"SET works with a select group of the Talent Identification population (those children earning an SAT score of 700 on either the quantitative or verbal sections), and publishes the journal Imagine." (1)


The organization and suborganizations have an elaborate history of changing names and changing faces. Check out:

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  1. http://www.jhu.edu/gifted/news/mission.html