I was late to meet Josh at the corner bar. When I arrived I saw him sitting there with a stranger. I felt an immediate distaste for the stranger, a short, hairy man, with a coarse laugh I could hear all the way across the bar. Walking up to greet Josh I thought, "That man, he's just like a little troll!" and I suppressed a grimace as I reached their barstools. There was a bit of a crowd gathered, and as I greeted Josh I heard a woman joking with the troll man. "All you want is to get laid!" she said, and the troll man replied, "That's right. All I want is a good lay, lay, lay. All I want is a lay." "Brilliant," I thought, "What intelligent people you meet at a bar." The troll man must have sensed my disdain. He turned to me. Staring at me in a way that discomforted me, he asked, "What do you want?" Unthinkingly I answered, "Someone to drink spearmint tea with." As soon as I uttered those words, I knew that was all that I wanted in the world. I could picture it clearly: holding the warm teacup, the minty smell steaming over the edge, my knees curled up to my chin. The image was perfect and absolute. Satisfied, the troll man turned to Josh. "And you, what do you want?" Like me, Josh answered immediately and with utter conviction in his voice: "small, flat, underdeveloped hips," and I felt the wind knocked out of me. My own hips were normal, I wasn't pear shaped or anything, but my hips could definitely not be described as "underdeveloped". Josh continued, listing utterly specific characteristics, and it was a long list. His list includes everything: small details about the way that someone would hold themselves, or small specific physical details like "A birthmark there, on the left temple." There were details about personality, "Angry words words, fiery spirit," details about appearance, breathing, form. I listened to Josh's list, totally unnerved by the specificity of his previously completely unexpressed desire. Listening to him, it seemed clear that he has always wanted these things, as if it is actually a specific woman, perhaps a love lost lover, whom he is speaking about. Whoever it is, I know it's not me, that Josh absolutely knows what he wants, and it's not me. And there is a confusion in me as to why he's there with me in the first place, and a sadness that I am not his heart's desire.
This dream is also at http://www.sleeptrip.com/displayDream.php3?dream_id=174? (p.s. I know you are not supposed to put links, but it has images and you can't put images here)