I am participating in a musical. It is a kind of game, like one of those mystery dinner games. Everyone has a character that they are supposed to be and at the right moment, you are meant to come in and start singing your part. For example, maybe your character is a butler, so you have to walk in singing carrying a tray when dinner starts in the story.

I keep waiting for it to be my turn, but it never seems to happen. This is because there are no pauses in the musical for you to just come in. Instead, there are sort of refrains, choruses, that some people know. At various points, people go into singing these refrains and then make the transition into singing their part. But I don't know the refrains, so I can never start.

The musical is a love story, and my part is associated with a friend of mine's part. She is meant to scorn the love story and show that love isn't the most important thing, especially since it's a musical and everyone else in the story is all about the love affair, either moving it forward, or trying to break it up or something. I think that her character, then is meant to act independently, and my character is supposed to point this out, so that people notice it.

Anyhow, somehow or other my friend breaks in and starts singing her part. Oh, I forgot to mention, it's like improv. You are told who your character is, but you aren't actually given the words to sing or anything. When she breaks in, it's a bit awkward, because neither of us knew the refrain, so she just started singing sort of right after the refrain, really loudly. Maybe because she's flustered, or because she had to start out by singing loudly, her part comes out all weird. She stands at a podium singing at the top of her lungs, "I am an INDEPENDENT WOO-MANNN! I don't need LOVE! I will run for PRESIDENT! I AM AN INDEPENDENT WOOO-MAAAAN!" She ends her part by singing about how she has to run off to start her presidential campaign.

I come on and I sing, "See, look at her, she is what we should all want to be! A woman like her is a fine woman, an example to all women!" And because she came off so strongly, it's as if the two of us have conspired in making this a parody, making fun of independent women instead of showing how wonderful it could be. It's like we've presented some god-awful stereotype of the cheerful woman who gets no play, and is just strident and nobody really likes her, and then proceeded to go even further and say, "Hey, if you are independent than you must be like this." The same kind of thing when some girl does something like not let a man open the door for her and a guy says, "What are you, some kind of lesbian?" Which is so sad, because we were trying to do this nice thing instead, of saying you don't have to be in a relationship to be happy.

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