Don't want a life of lies and pretense
Don't want to play at attack and defense
Just want my own life; I want to be free
So you can be you, and I can be me


This seems to be some kind of sick social trend in life. Do you think it's true that everyone wears masks? You know what I mean, a social demeanor for the right situation; You can spit and hollar a literal plethora of vulgar insults when you're out drinkin' with your mates, but would you dare behave in such a fashion around your mother? Now, I try be no means to be what you'd call a consistent communicator, but I'm fuckin' sick of playing certain situations to boot because it's expected of me.

I probably had first isolated and recognized this phenomonon somewhere around the fifth grade, when my mother smacked me for swearing. But me and my friends do this all the time, and no one's getting smacked... I wondered to myself. Then you realize: Of course! It's because mom expects me to behave that way around her! So all I have to do is be cool 'round mom...And I'm sure you can figure out the rest of the tale. So, by highschool, we've all got these little acts ingraved into our skulls. Act friendly with your friends, act desirable around those you desire (or not), act intelligent when appropriate, act otherwise when as such. Then there's always those formal demeanors. Your parents. Work.


I can offer no closure for something so anchored into the psyche of each and every one of us, but to say that would it really be any better if it were different? How would it be like if we could get away with treating our parents like fellow curmudgeons?

busy busy busy...