Psychological Action

n. Internal terminology used within PSYOP. Any action within the Military Arena of operations that can have a potential influence upon a Target Audience. Almost any possible overt, and even some covert, military operations can have a PSYACT effect. Although, in the realm of PSYOP, intentional PSYACTS are carefully planned "capers" meant to eek desired responses from a Target Audience.
Possible intentional and unintentional PSYACTS include:

Intentional PSYACTS:
Troop movements (can also be unintentional)
Any "show of force"
MEDRETE/VETRETE (Medical/Vetrinary Readiness Training Excersize)
Planned "leaking" of bogus intelligence/disinformation in general
Any rehearsed speach by a local figurehead/center of gravity
so on and so forth...

Unintentional PSYACTS:
Any typical blunder by a soldier in a foreign country (rape, murder, etc etc)
Unplanned for movement of troops/contingency plans
Any botched recon/intelligence operations (Can you say, "Spy plane off the coast of China?")
Any troop contact with the Target Audience (intended or otherwise)