There is always that distinct possibility of life after death, the concept that our souls and core ego should persevere in some form after the expiration of our physical shell. Then again, there's always the possibility that we die, and that's all folks.

Realistically, there's only one way to find out. Now, in discussing these virtues of life and death, one must inevitably come to contemplate the ultimate reality of a god unit, whatever you wanna call him (Jehovah, Allah, Brahman, whatever). Now personally, I'll just say right now that I believe in some cosmic force that makes things happen for better or worse, the closest things I've been able to find is the dao (mostly because it can't be explained), so in that respect maybe you could call me agnostic. But, I don't necessarilly believe that because there is a cosmic force in the universe, we as mortals are ensured an afterlife.

Originally, it is thought mankind created deities to explain two major curiosities of life: One, natural phenomena of nature (i.e., the sun, thunder, etc), which our primitive race had yet to grasp. And Two: What happens after death?

So, with these things in mind, I sometimes wonder, Do you think mankind sometimes assures each other of an afterlife out of selfish pride? That somehow, we as a race feel we deserve to ensue after our mortal flame is put out?.

Yes, now I know that saying something like that is a bit accusational, not to mention selfish in itself, so sue me. But I seriously think this thought deserves a bit of entertainment. As blasphemous as it sounds, I think there could seriously be a possibility that after we die, that's it. Because if all matter, and hence energy, in this universe is constant, then that doesn't really ensure our exsistance, from a physics standpoint. It could just mean that when we die, the "energy" that was "us" (i.e., our ego, soul, or whatever), is mearly diverted to the creation of a new soul.

The next possibility I'd like to entertain is reincarnation, which in its nature is a direct contradiction of the previous concept I presented. It makes a bit more sense though, considering I've met a few people I often-times thought of as "old souls". So, we go through life over and over and over, each time getting just a bit closer to the ultimate understanding of the cosmos as it stands, and in the process move further and further away from the material wants and pits of depravity that seems to cover this island earth (pardon the movie reference). So, that in the end, in our "final life", we actually transcend this plane of existence and extinguish our mortal flame willingly (no, not suicide), that is to say that when we finally understand what this cosmos is all about, who needs to live in it, eh? So we croak, yadda yadda yadda, and the next step is theoretically end up in Nirvana, where we exsist in a state of non-being (Zen, Mu, whatever you'd like to call it), where we're beyond all needs or concerns, and by nature, illumed.

The third and most boring possibility, is, of course, Heaven. But the problem I see with Heaven, by nature, is its polarity. It represents good. Only good people goto Heaven. So by its nature alone, Hell is created to house the wicked, perverted masses. Now, in Heaven, no man is supposed to need things like tobacco or women (or big hunky studs if you're a hetero fem/homosexual), because we're there, with God, and everything's cool. Now, for a bit of the flipside, the Islamic Paradise and the Norse Valhalla are much more "pleasure-bound" type afterlives, with all the carnal pleasures of this world times thirty-gabillion.


I figure different strokes for different folks

This write-up is a cut and paste of some things I wrote in Warning: You will die someday, that I feel should get their own write-up.