I held him in my hand, he was the size of a large marble, perhaps. A little cherubic baby, cloth diaper and all, minus the bow and quiver, but he had these weird wings, which looked like some kind of errant mushroom material, and he had the cutest little bowl-cut, with thick brown hair and those big hallmark precious moments puppy-dog eyes. Anyways, a certain female had entrusted me with his care; he was lovable, but a troublemaker.

I went on a journey with him, he wanted to go to the railroad tracks for something or other, just to walk along them, I guess. So I took him there and dropped him from my hand, he fell into the rocks with a barely audible grunt, but got up and was okay. So we walked along the railroad tracks for awhile, and he just kind of talked at me, I recall being surprised that for a baby, he sure was rather intellegent. But eventually, trouble came our way. I dont know how, but I know that the certain female had been harmed/kidnapped/killed or something? And the cherub character was like integral to her continued exsistance...he had aparently been harmed by this happening, but maybe some of his damage came from my rough handling of him? Anyways, his weird mushroom-stuff wings were gone, and he became like a ball of orange putty in my hands. I grasped tightly around him until he no longer moved. At that time, I had a vision of myself at the bottom of a lake, the water was green with algae and air were bubbles leaking from my mouth towards the beams of sunlight which washed across my face; I knew I had to get the cherub guy to water at this moment.

So i ran through a nightmare re-interpretation of my childhood neighborhood until I ended up at the local park: It was about four blocks square, smack dab in the middle of a residential ghetto, with a fenced off concrete pool in the middle. As I ran through the park, I saw the trouble...It was like some mob of evil, gimped out leather biker dudes. The leader was a huge giant with a white beard, who had a slightly smaller giant on a leash, the slightly smaller giant had some kind of leather mask on, and upon my noticing of them, the gang leader sicc'ed the leashed gimp upon me, aparently I was the object of their envy. So I did the typical "running away" in a dream thing, where you can never run fast enough, and I saw that they were closing in on me, so in desperation I cast the cherub/putty thing into the water of the fenced off pool, in hopes that it would be satisfactory for his rejuvenation, and therefore the certain female's well-being, which greatly concerned me at the time. So I ran off until I came to one of the corner boundaries of the park, where I met a car-full of trusted compadres, a weather-beaten old man behind the wheel. We exchanged greetings and I told him everything was going well...he seemed concerned that I accomplish a specific task, and I assured him everything was going well, although I myself was unsure if it was being accomplished satisfactorally. In the back of the car (it must'be been a late 80's tan cadillac or something), was the certain female who i was so concerned with, she looked well, but her hair was gray, perhaps she was recovering from that which had ailed her?...she blew me a kiss and I returned a "peace sign" at her with my hands, she returned the gesture, perhaps I thought I'd never see her again..?

So I continued down a street which followed one of the borders of the park, until I came across two cars, parked perpendicular to each other, on each side of the ride. One was a white monte carlo, and the other was black. The white car was occupied by a Al Jourgenson-looking character; That is, he had dreaklocks, a goatee and a black cowboy hat. He urged me to steal the car across from him, only after donning the white cowboy-hat which was seated upon the driver's side-mirror of the black monto carlo. I was unsure of what to do, but obliged him nonetheless...somewhat. I took the white hat and put it on, but was immediately possessed by something, I do not know. Anyways, I opened the door of the unnoccupied car, with the intent of ripping off the door, which i did successfully, I then proceeded to demolish the car with the dreadlocked cowboy in it, then pulled him out of the car and beat him to death with the car door which I had so eloquently removed. Let me offer a correction about the idea of being possessed by the white hat. It wasnt exactly that, it was more like when i put on the hat, I became like some kind of Avatar for the purposes/intentions of the hat, it didn't control me exactly, more like it gave me some ideas, a gentle nudge in the right direction. After beating him to death I cast the car door away from me, and it hurtled towards the skyline...I was immediately assailed by a horde of teen trendy goth/punker folk: They were all decked out in black and collars and face paint and shit like that. The ring-leader of sorts was a somewhat attractive female who demanded an explanation as to why I had just beaten her man to death with a car door. I proceeded to kind of just be a general dickhead to them, not ever really justifying my actions, but taking no resposibilty for it nonetheless. They seemed impotent to stop me, no matter what I did and I got the impression that they were like young groupies of the evil biker leather dudes, but almost innocent to the biker dude's true intentions: which were obviously killing off myself, the little cherub guy and the certain female. They were like Hitler Youth, in the process of indoctrination, but they just didnt really understand the big bad world of adults going on all around them. It was a war-zone.

At this point I woke up.