Alright, here we go. My dream started out with me being invited to a party a sorta-friend of mine, Chris Brown, was throwing. The party was being thrown in a sort of half-arcade, half-abode type place, with lots of people hanging out, being bubbly and all that jazz. So there I am, just kind of "being" there, when someone starts playing an arcade game. I don't know what the game was, or don't even recall any of the action, but I know that I soon walked up to the game and started playing, and before long, I was beating everyone in the place at it. So, eventually my exploits gain the attention of Chris, and he invites me "into the back", which is actually up some stairs that are in the back of the main room. So we go up to this "private party" and I begin doing lots of coke with the other people there. I drink a few more beers and before long I blank out.

At this time in real life, I awaken and go to the bathroom, then go back to bed, where the dream the continues (Does this ever happen to anyone else?)

I awaken in a jail cell, and standing up, begin hollaring for someone to get me out of here. Aparently, I had known that I blacked out at the party and somehow the cops picked me up. Eventually, I found out I was to be sentenced to 30 days at some juvenille prison, which is odd, because I kept thinking "I shouldn't be sent there, I'm an adult". So eventually I'm put into some white coveralls and dumped out on the street somewhere around 72nd and Hosmer (I know, I know, you people don't know where I live, so this is meaningless). I thought it odd that I was released to be free, but I knew that I had to get back to the prison, because I'd be in big trouble if I didn't return. I remember thorought the dream, looking down at my chest and seeing the numbers "37015" stenciled on the jumpsuit, aparently it was my number. I knew where I was, but I -didn't- know where to go, per se. I wandered about the landscape for what seemed like forever, just trying to get to the prison. Eventually, I came upon a bunch of old, burned out buildings I must have thought were the prison, so I approached them. I searched all of the buildings for my number, but couldnt find the one which matched "37015", and after awhile, I saw an old farmer, and I asked him the way. He told me I needed to head down 72nd street all the to "Old Mueller Road", which i could follow all the way to the prison. I thanked him and was on my way. Along the way, I came across a crowd of fellow inmates, who were also wandering aimlessly about the countryside, and singled one of them out whom I recognized. It was a kid named adam, and I don't know why, but I started talking shit to him, and he eventually did the whole "throw your arms up in the air" wanting to fight thing. So i just laughed and chided him, and he slung insults back at me. Eventually I shouted something like "shut up bitch, you're just talking shit because you don't want to get your ass beat by a short guy!" and everyone laughed at him. (btw I'm about 5'8" and I think he's around 6'0" even). So i continued on the way and eventually happened upon a friend of mine, Chrispin. Chrispin was NOT clad in an inmates uniform, but he agreed to acompany me to the prison. So we continued up 72nd street for awhile (it should be noted that 72nd is a main arterial street where I live, with somethin like two lanes on each side, plus the middle turning lane). Eventually, 72nd mutated into a country road, with pastures all around, and then into a heavily forested logging road. When we came to "Old Mueller Road", the roads kind of end and veared off in all sorts of odd directions. And I asked "Is that the one?" Pointing at a road, and the old farmer appeared and said "Yes, just go that way boy". And I gave him my thanks again and Chrispin and I continued on that road. Eventually we came upon a bluff that overlooked the prison (which I must add looked disturbingly like my old highschool). So I bid farewell to my companion Chrispin and journeyed down to the prison. When I reached the courtyard, there were a number of prisoners and a few adults standing in rank there. One of the adults commanded everyone to produce their papers. After I just stood there for awhile, trying to get the attention of an adult, one of them pointed at me and said "You too". So I dug into my pocket to produce my papers, finally feeling a sense of ease at having made it to the prison. It was really odd, for every pocket I dug into, I produced a piece of paper. At about this time, I awoke and tried to return to sleep, I wanted to see the rest of the dream out.