Atari 2600 Game
Produced by: Atari
Model Number:CX2626
Rarity: 3
Year of Release: 1978
Programmer: Unknown

Grab your putters, but leave your five irons at home. It is time to play nine holes of miniature golf.

This was one of the earliest released titles for the 2600. Which means it has that same extra blocky graphics style that Super Breakout and Combat have, later Atari games had much better graphics because the programmers learned what the hardware could do.

Gameplay is simple. Put the ball in whole in a few stokes a possible. Walls and other obstacles stand in your way. The one unrealistic thing about this game is that the holes look a lot more like playfields for some sort of Pong game than they do miniature golf holes. This is a great game if you can get over the fact that it isn't really miniature golf as much as it is something similar to miniature golf. The replay value is a little limited because it is quite possible to learn all of the holes, and get a great score every time.

From the instruction manual

Your sense of timing and your perceptiveness in judging distance are about to be fine-tuned! This exciting video game simulates an actual "Miniature Golf" course, complete with moving obstacles.

There are nine "holes" in which to hit the ball into the "cup". Each time you hit the ball it is called a "stroke." Although the number of strokes you take to hit the ball into the cup is unlimited, each hole has a designated "par." Par represents the number of strokes you are ideally supposed to take to complete the hole.

Collectors Information

This game is worth about $5 USD. The box features more of that frightening late 70's Atari art, 3 young teens with long brown hair, who seem a little too happy for their own good. Finally, I am sure all of you little Atari fans out there already know that "games with boxes and manuals are worth more".

Now will someone please node the real game of miniature golf?