Let us not forget about falling damage in roleplaying games.

Almost all RPGs feature some form of falling damage. From the ultra realistic games (Champions), that factor in acceleration, terminal velocity, and wind speed. To the unrealistic, but easy to calculate (AD&D), with a simple method based on distance. (AD&D used one six sided die for each 10 feet fallen to determine damage, with a maximum of 20D6).

Falling damage rules are part of every roleplaying game that has complete rules. Heroes are constantly falling out of windows, off cliffs, etc. Especially be wary of falling with a weak character in a non realistic game. The average beginning D&D character may be killed by a mere 10 foot fall. While the average Hero System character would not even suffer any real damage from that same fall. Differences in falling damage rules change RPG tactics just as much as they do computer game tactics. A beginning D&D thief will probably be scared to climb even 30 foot walls, as a fall could very possible kill him. But the equivalent character in Hero System wouldn't think twice, as he knows he would most likely survive the fall.

In real life falling damage is highly variable. I survived a forty foot fall when I was younger, but only because I impacted something on the way down, and it slowed my fall. But even a twenty foot fall may be enough to kill someone. So, be careful.