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The problem isn't that every girl on the planet has a boyfriend. The problem is that all the girls that we see as desireable are taken.

I am about to start using the word "desirable". I mean this in the genetic sense, as in some people are simply more suitable mates than others. How you define that in the real world is up to you.

Ok lets look at some hard numbers here on why every girl on the entire planet has a boyfriend. We are going to look at 20-24 year olds, because I am twenty four, and all the girls I am interested in fall into that range as well. In the United States 16.2 percent of 20-24 year old males are married. While 27.4 percent of 20-24 year old females are married. Why the skew, you might ask? Well men marry younger women, they always have, and they probably always will. Now lets add another number. In that age range there are 105 men for every 100 women.

Do you have all that so far? Good, lets continue.

Lets take a sample population of 1000 women aged 20-24. Now there will be 1050 men to go along with them, because that is the real life ratio. Now lets get all those pesky marriages out of the way. That leaves us with 736 women and 880 men. Those numbers don't sound too terribly bad, but they still don't look that great for the males.

But, how many of those people already have a boyfriend or girlfriend? This is difficult to determine, but by reading a lot of different surveys I was able to come up with these numbers. Roughly 57 percent of unmarried women, and 53 percent of unmarried men aged 20-24 have a boyfriend/girlfriend. Why the skew, you might ask? Well the older men are still going after the younger ones, just like before.

Stay with me here.

That leaves 316 single women and 414 single males. That is almost a four to three ratio. Now lets start getting perfectly honest about something. People are more likely to choose a mate that they find "desirable" in some way. This isn't your fault, this isn't my fault, but it is just the way it works. Now before you start blabbing about "that shouldn't matter, people should look beyond the surface", let me tell you that I agree with you one hundred percent. But that still doesn't change that fact that the population as a whole selects mates based largely on how "desirable" they are. Actually, they can't help it, its genetic anyway.

We are almost there kids!

Remember that 1000 women we started with? Good. Now remember the 684 of them that are paired off somehow? Now realize that the 684 that are already gone represents a significant number of the "desirable" women. That is what men want, that is what they go after. So we have 316 women left for our 414 men to fight over. Sure, there are still some "desirable" ones in there, there always are. But unfortunately a lot of the most "desirable" women are already taken, while a large percentage of the "undesirable" women remain. But that isn't so terribly bad, after all that still means 75 percent of the men end up with a girl, if you pair everyone off. Right? Wrong! What you actually end up with is 414 men fighting over the one hundred most desirable females. That is of course, assuming you think highly of your fellow males, in real life it usually ends up being worse than that.

So no, not every girl on the entire planet has a boyfriend, but most of the ones you are interested in probably do.