"Tripoli's Italian Restaurant Pizza Parlor & Lounge" is what the sign on the outside of this Columbia Illinois restaurant says.

Inside you will find a very nice small restaurant and bar. They have your standard menu. But no one orders off of the menu, everyone comes in for the buffet. The buffet is small but very tasty, it features; Pizza, Chicken Wings, Onion Rings, and a few other items that change from day to day.

Tripoli's is the kind of place you will find yourself driving to even when it isn't very close by. The atmosphere is very friendly. Almost all of the waitresses are exceptionally pretty, (Tammy and Kirby come to mind almost immediately). To top it all off they have a Class of 1981 20 Year Reunion Arcade game, (that is the one that has both Ms. Pac Man and Galaga). I have dropped many quarters in that machine, (and I plan on dropping in many more).