The first time I saw Katie she was sitting on the floor opening up boxes of ceramic turtles. She was a geeks dream. Long thick red hair framing her pale face, with a pair of thick black glasses worn high on her nose, (magnifying her oh so pretty green eyes). (Unlike most red haired girls, Katie did not have freckles). She had such a wonderful body (but not in the 108 lbs and big boobs sort of way though). I just knew (before I even spoke to her), that something was going to happen between us.

The next day I spoke to her for the first time. (I guess I should mention at this point that we worked together. Technically I was her supervisor, but I had no real power). Talking to her I found her to be easily embarrassed, very intelligent, and utterly adorable. I tried to ask her out then and there but was shooed away with an excuse about her family.

I never gave up though. Over the next few months we spent almost all of our time at work together (getting almost nothing done), and in that time we became good friends. I would try and ask her out, and she would turn me down. Finally I told her I would wait awhile before I asked her out again, (but the next time would be the last time).

I left my job for another before I got to ask Katie out again. But I didn't forget about her. I called her on her birthday. (It was a month since I had spoken to her last). She told me that she wanted to be with me, and that she had wanted me all along. But there was a problem, she had a very abusive mother. Even though Katie was 19, her mother still ruled over her with an iron fist. No man was good enough for her daughters. Her mother had already beat the hell out of Katie's older sister because of her relationship with a man she did not like. Katie did not want to suffer the same fate.

So we met the next day at her college. Katie had a 2 hour break every tuesday and thursday. She had me meet her at a bench by a lake on a very secluded part of campus. (This bench is where almost our entire relationship would play out). She kissed me as soon as she saw me, (she then apologized saying that she had not meant to kiss me so soon).

That is how it was for a while. We would meet twice weekly at our spot by the lake (with many emails and love letters exchanged on the other days). We would talk, kiss, and sometimes do more. But we never took any of our clothes off. I was very happy. I loved Katie. She was (and still is), the only girl I ever loved.

One day Katie had 4 hours off because of a canceled class. We were both so happy. We used the time to go back to my house (so we could actually be alone together with no fear of disturbance). This time we did end up naked. It was Katies first time being naked in front of a man so she was very self conscious. (Katie was a virgin, and had only even kissed one guy before me). Katie and I did not have sex, but I did end up giving her the first orgasm she had ever had.

The next day I spent all of my money on an engagement ring. But I never even got to ask her to marry me. When I saw her next she was in full on freak out mode. She said that things were very confusing to her now. So she wanted to take a break from the relationship. So we agreed on a month apart. After the month was over she said that it would be better if we didn't see each other any more.

Four months later I thought I would make another attempt. (I don't give up very easily). So I went to Katies college. I brought the ring. I didn't know her new schedule. But I just knew that fate would help me find her. I park, get out of the car and walk towards the library. The door to the library opens and a girl comes out. It is Katie. Out of the 30,000 students at her school I run into her first. I really thought fate was on my side.

We sit down and talk. But Katie says she just doesn't love me anymore. I finally walk away crying. I take the ring out of my pocket open the case and hand it to a chinese girl who is sitting at the next table. I tell her, "Here you can have this I don't think I will ever have a use for it". She looks confused but keeps the ring. Katie sees this and begins to cry also. She tells me that she really wants to love me but she doesn't. She says she is sorry. And then runs away into the library crying. I did not follow her.

I never saw Katie again after that day.