The Chevrolet Caprice and the Ford Crown Victoria are both nice cars with many things in common (but there is a sinister problem that I will touch on a little later).

These cars are both very popular in the Taxi industry. Their large size and great reliability, make them the natural choice for use as a taxicab.

Both cars are also super ungodly popular with American Police departments. Real wheel drive, large size, and big engines are all valued by the policemen of America. Once again Caprice and Crown Victoria are the natural choice.

Here is where the evil starts

The Crown Victoria and Caprice are also the car of choice among Senior Citizens. Most specifically the kind of older people who like to drive slow and erratically. This wouldn't be so much of a problem, but these cars look exactly like unmarked police cars from a distance. Not only do seniors buy cars that look exactly like Police cars, they usually pick either white or black for the color. To top it all off the seniors car will often have the factory police package on their car (or at least a front mounted spotlight).

Here is how this comes into play in your life and mine. You are driving along one of those wonderful American highways, the kind that have the speed limit set about 15 miles an hour slower than the pace of traffic, (so the government can make money on speeding tickets). You are going 73 MPH (the limit is 60). Up ahead you see a white unmarked Chevy Caprice (cop car you think to yourself). It is going much slower. You slam on the brakes (which is dangerous for everybody). Finally you slowly cruise past the "unmarked car". You look over and see an 80 year old man driving (wearing those odd square shaped sunglasses that are popular with seniors). As soon as you see this you hit the gas pedal, and get back up to speed. Several minutes later someone else will go through the same thing that you just did (with the same car).

As you can see, this is dangerous, and causes traffic problems to boot. If you are a car dealer, please point the senior citizens towards the Lincolns and Cadillacs, not towards the Caprices and Crown Victorias. There are already enough 90 year old police look-a-likes on the road. We don't need any more.