The Subaru Sambar was an ultra compact pickup truck, (and van), introduced in 1961 and still in production as of 2007. These were built for the Japanese market though and were not generally available in America or Europe.

These vehicles were tiny. Not just the kind of tiny where you say, oh, look at that cute little thing, but the sort of tiny that an 8 year old could jump over with his bike given a small ramp. You could actually fit one of the original ones in the bed of a modern day longbed pickup. The original Sambar was only about 4 feet wide, and under nine feet in length. It was driven by a 2 cylinder air cooled engine, the same engine used in the Subaru 360 Minicar. 12" wheels and a 3 speed manual transmission completed the package. The Sambar is currently in its seventh of many increasingly larger generations.