I keep rereading The Six Rejections Game.

The first time I read it I thought that it was the easiest thing in the world. I figured I could probably be the world champion at that game. I mean it is easy right, just get turned down by six women in one year. Probably wouldn't take me more than a week.

I have gotten pretty good at not asking out Sara.

Sara is a new co-worker of mine, she has been here about a month or so. I noticed her immediately, but I quickly managed to make excuses to myself as to why I shouldn't be interested in her. I told myself that I only liked her because I did not know any other single women at all. So I didn't ask her out. I told myself that she wouldn't be interested in me. I told myself all sorts of things, and I managed to convince myself almost totally.

What about those six rejections?

I happened upon The Six Rejections Game node again. I started thinking, I tried to think how long my last six rejections went back. I realized that something might be wrong, maybe I wasn't going to be the world champion after all.

I had to go back a little more than two years just to find my last rejection. No I haven't been in a long relationship, nor do I simply have universal success. It is something different.

This space intentionally left blank.

After carefully going over the details I was able to determine that my last six rejections went back about 7 or 8 years, all the way to high school. At some point I developed such a terrible fear of rejection that I simply stopped trying altogether. With a few exceptions, just about every woman I dated has asked me out, or was such a sure thing that there was never any fear on my part.

I have a note in my pocket.

I started trying to convince myself that I could ask Sara out. I liked her, she was definitely single, and she was actually pretty close in age.

I began trying to talk to her. It seemed to go alright, but I can't really tell, as I am often oblivious to signals that other people see as obvious. After a few days I began to miss obvious chances at asking her out. I simply couldn't do it.

I talked to Shannah about the situation. She is another co-worker, but she isn't single, therefore she is "safe", and I have no problems talking to her. She encouraged me a bit, and slipped a little note in my pocket as she left. The note just said "Go for it".

That really seemed nice for some reason. I thought for sure I could do it now. But alas, I could not. I proceded to not ask Sara out even though we talked for an hour. Then her shift was over and she left, but she returned five minutes later because her car wouldn't start. So then I proceded to once again, not ask her out while she waited for her ride.

I have gotten pretty good at not asking out Sara, and my rejection count for this year still stands at zero.
Yeah, I know. I am 25 years old, and shouldn't be afraid of girls any more.