My Two Dads was an 80's sitcom. The show was based upon the concept of two men being awarded custody of a young girl. Both men had apparently been lovers of her mother, when she died she left her daughter Nicole to both of them.

This show was rather popular during the time it was aired, (from 1987 to 1990). The plot were not exactly memorable, it was standard 80's family comedy stuff all the way. This is the show that brought Paul Reiser to fame, and no one can deny the natural cuteness of Staci Keanan.

Michael (played by Paul Reiser), plays a shockingly similar role to the one he plays on Mad About You, (although he may just be one of those people who always plays the same character). While Greg Evigan plays the other dad, Joey (think "Jesse" from Full House). The two dads argue constantly, but deep down they are best friends.

Nicole is your standard bubbly 13 year old girl, not very unique, but pretty and nice, she plays the same character that a 1000 teenage actresses have played before her. But that gives her a sense of familiarity, you know this character almost instantly.

All in all I would have to say that My Two Dads is a passably good show. If it comes on give it a watch, but it isn't worth adjusting your schedule for.


Guest Stars


David Steven Simon
Mark Brull
Roger Garrett

Executive Producer

Michael Jacobs


Michael Jacobs & Danielle Alexander

Episode Guide

All episode names are hardlinked for the benefit of anyone who wants to fill them in.

Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. Soho's by You
  3. Crime and Punishment
  4. Nicole's First Date
  5. Friends and Lovers
  6. Whose Night is it, Anyway?
  7. Once a Son
  8. Sex, Judge, and Rock & Roll
  9. The Artful Dodger
  10. Quality Time
  11. 'Tis the Season
  12. The Only Child
  13. Joey's MotherinLaw
  14. Nicole in Charge
  15. The Wedge
  16. Advice and Consent
  17. She'll Get Over It
  18. Michael's Sister Comes Over and Visits
  19. Nicole's Big Adventure
  20. My Fair Joey
  21. The Family in Question
  22. Friends of the Family

Season 2
  1. Blast from the Past
  2. Who's on First?
  3. Macho, Stupid Guy Time
  4. The Man in the Pink Slip
  5. Fallen Idol
  6. Story with a Twist
  7. Playing with Fire
  8. Dirty Dating
  9. The God of Love
  10. In Her Dreams
  11. Together We Stand
  12. The Courtship of Nicole's Fathers
  13. Crushed
  14. Basket Case
  15. You Love Me, Right?
  16. Getting Smart

Season 3
  1. That's No Lady, That's My Mother
  2. Say Goodnight, Gracie
  3. Love and Learn
  4. You Can Count on Me
  5. Joey Gets Pinned
  6. Story in Development
  7. Duel
  8. Dad Patrol
  9. Pop, the Question
  10. Thanks for the Memories
  11. Class
  12. I'm Dreaming of a Holiday Episode
  13. Power Struggle
  14. Bye Bye Baby
  15. Environmental Case
  16. Party, Sweet See Appendix
  17. It's My Art, and I'll Die If I Want To
  18. To Thine Own Elf Be True
  19. You Only Surprise the Ones You Love
  20. Kind of a Drag
  21. When You Wish
  22. See You in September?