Hooray! I have had yet another car stereo stolen! I thought that stopped happening once you got into your mid-twenties?

This is a story that I am sure many of you are familiar with. I am up in my room writing nodes and playing Robotron 2084 as usual. When my stepfather yells up to ask me why the lights are on inside my car. I go outside and see my driver's side door is slightly ajar, and my dashboard is completely ripped up and my car stereo is stolen This isn't the first time that this has happened, but it has been such a long time that the thought of vanishing car stereos had completely slipped my mind.

My stepfather calls the police even though that never really seems to help much in the case of car break ins. They didn't even attempt to take any fingerprints. My mother proceeded to get angry at me because the car was unlocked, she didn't understand that the car is a convertible and if it had been locked, then they just would have cut through the roof. I proceed to briefly log onto E2, where Eco was kind enough to offer me a mix tape, and then I head to work.

About halfway down my street there is a guy fucking installing a car stereo at 10:45 at night. I recognized both the guy and the car, he either lives in that house or is a frequent visitor there. He looked pretty scared when I slowed down and looked into his car as I drove by. I wasn't able to actually spot my stereo from my car, but he had his dash apart. I called home from the gas station and asked my stepfather to check it out. The guy was gone by the time he got there, but I plan on investigating the matter myself tommorrow.

And Now for Something Completely Different!

I went to work and had another one of my two minute encounters with Cindy. The ones that aren't quite long enough to ask her out. I told her about the stereo deal, and she reacted as anyone else would. But when she left she put both her hand on my shoulders and kind of gave a little squeeze. That is a good sign in my book. I always notice physical contact because I am one of those people who never touches anybody, and so is Cindy (we can spot our own kind). So that did alleviate a lot of the suck factor of losing my car MP3 player.

I will update this after I investigate the car down the street.

I couldn't really see anything in the car when I looked in it this morning. The windows are tinted so dark that I can't even see if it has a stereo, much less my stereo. I am really not sure where to go with this now.

Update 2019

I literally have no memory of who Cindy even is.