The rest of my life: Day 2

Today was a fairly exciting day. The only thing I actually accomplished was getting my oil changed and renewing my auto insurance, but even that is better than nothing.

We had a great bible study meeting, which was kind of funny, because we didn't actually study anything this week. Last week we had finished up the series we had been doing, and it was time to pick something new (the one we had been doing was terrible, and no one liked it, it was called "Men of the Bible"). We voted between 3 different study guides (all from the same series). The choices were Ephesians, John, and Revelation. I voted for Ephesians because I couldn't remember what was in it at all. But almost everyone else voted for Revelation, so I guess it is going to be 7 eyed beasts with six horns for the next three months.

I was selected as the person who has to go to the bookstore and get the study guides. Mainly because everyone knows that Sarah works at the bookstore, and they all know how much I like her.

When I got to work I found myself being asked out (sort of), by Heather. I accepted, and we are going to Dave & Busters thursday night. I am not really sure if it is a real date, but I am going anyway, since I haven't been on anything that even loosely resembled a date in over a year.