Ginger was was one of a pair. You see she had an identical twin sister. They were a pair of tall, pretty girls with shiny brown hair. The sister weighed about 30 lbs less than Ginger, (and always had). So Ginger was used to not being the center of attention. This in a way affected everything she did. (Although I don't think Ginger herself ever realized it).

I met the pair at a party. I was still a virgin at the time. Ginger actually initiated our first conversation, "Hey aren't you Jamie's ex-boyfriend", she yelled to me across the room. So I came over and talked to her. After a while Ginger told me why Jamie had dumped me in the first place. "Jamie only dumped you because you never had sex with her". (I being rather enebriated started to cry). I tried, (still crying), to explain to Ginger that I was trying to take things slow with Jamie because I thought that was what she wanted. I went on a little bit about how I was a virgin and such. Ginger comforted me, while subtly hitting on me at the same time.

After I had cheered up a little bit I realized that I really had to go to the bathroom. I said to Ginger, (completely as a joke), "I have to pee, do you want to watch?". To my surprise she said yes and followed me to the bathroom. She then proceded to watch me pee. As we were walking down the stairs I asked her if she wanted to go down to the basement. (You know to be alone). She said yes. So we went to the basement

In the basement we made out, (as young drunken people do). Proceding through all the various bits of foreplay that I done many times before. But Ginger wanted to go all the way. I was kind of scared, so I said that I didn't have a condom. She said that it was OK because she was on the pill anyway.

So we had a very short, (and very awkward), lovemaking session. Afterwards we both promptly fell asleep.

In the morning we took a bath together. Kissed some more. Had sex again, (it was a lot less awkward the second time). Her sister showed up to pick her up while we were in the middle of our second bath of the morning.

The next night she showed up at the Dennys that my friends and I hung out in at that time. She came and sat with me. The problem was that Jen, (a girl I had been dating non-exclusively) was sitting right next to me. Things got no better when Ginger's boyfriend, (she hadn't bothered to mention him before), showed up also. By the time everybody finished hurting each others feelings Ginger had dumped her boyfriend and I had dumped Jen. Jen was very, very pretty, (much more than Ginger), and very self confident, but frankly girls like that always scared me anyway.

Ginger and I had a very understanding relationship after that. We were exclusive. But we had this strange rule where we were allowed to make out with other people, (just never the same one twice). That had started when I had kissed another girl at a party, Ginger saw it, so she went and made out with some other guy. I actually think the "Party Makeout Rule" is one of the things that kept us together. After a while we both used that privilege heavily. But we would always go back to my place, (or sometimes hers), at the end of the night.

The one great thing about staying at Gingers house is that she and her twin sister shared the same king sized bed. So when I stayed there I would be sleeping in with twin girls. There is no better feeling in the world than that. It did take me a while to get used to making out with her sister right next to us in the same bed. (Ginger and her sister had no qualms, they had been doing that for a few years now).

I actually got to fool around with Ginger's sister once. (While Ginger masturbated). They told me that they always get to try each others boyfriends out at least once.

After a while we saw less and less of each other. We never did actually break up. The one thing that sticks out in my mind about Ginger is that when I told her I loved her she replied with "I Know", unknowingly quoting Carrie Fishers line in Star Wars.