My roommate Dave has moved out. He is going back to his wife. This may sound good, but he is making a mistake. They are two people that just are not meant to be together. They want totally different things out of life. Dave stll wants to have his freedom, to go to parties, and play video games. While Michelle wants to stay home and have a family. But Dave is sterile so he will never be able to give her the children that she wants.

Neither one of them is even sexually attracted to the other one. They have both admitted this to me, (and even to each other). They are basically just two people who slept with each other at a party, and somehow that escalated into marriage. They have never been happy together since the day they met. They aren't even friends. Michelle is in love with the idea of being married, (and is afraid to be alone), but she doesn't really love Dave. Dave also does not love Michelle, he has grown attached to her, but he doesn't love her. He still loves his girlfriend from highschool, (but he doesn't love his wife).

Right now they are both blind to the fact that things are not just going to magically be O.K. Neither one can see that a relationship that isn't based on anything will never work. Michelle thinks that she can do something to either change Dave or change herself. By doing that she thinks that she will live happily ever after. Dave has simply become scared of being alone, (but he has no real interest in his wife). Michelle cannot see that Dave will never make a good husband to her because he is totally uninterested. Dave is happiest when Michelle is not around. He isn't mature enough to be a good husband to her. Not by a long shot. He is my best friend. But he just isn't ready to be married.

It makes me sad to see these two people that I care so much about make themselves so unhappy with each other. They are both wonderful people. I am sure there is someone perfect for each of them. Just not each other. It hurts me to see them separate, get back together, then separate again as soon as one of them realizes that there is just nothing between them. But what can I do, what can I say. I just don't know.