Today in the chatterbox I got a blank /msg, from a level 1 user. I checked out their homenode. I said hmmm this looks familar. Sure enough it was Jesi. The girl I have been dating. I am so happy that she has taken a liking to E2.Things have been working out with us a lot better than I ever dreamed when I wrote my first daylog about her.

My whole self image has really changed a lot in the past few weeks. Jesi is the main reason. I hope she gets a warm welcome here on E2. So far her first 2 nodes have been downvoted. But she is still new. I am sure she will do much better after she gets the hang of it. She is great like that.

It really is exciting to finally be with a girl who is actually interested in something that I like too. Jesi I know you will read this, so good luck here. I will help you whenever you need help. I hope we can get together this weekend. Hopefully we can make some new daylog material.