The one thing that always struck everyone about Harriet was how geeky she was. Not in the smart/technical sense, but more in the "pants pulled up way to high over her belly" sense. But I liked her anyway. I would like to say that I loved her, or that I liked her personality. But that would be lying.

What I really liked about Harriet was her body. She had the perfect body. But I was the only one who knew that. Harriet looked quite funny with her usual weird clothes on. But when she took them off she was perfect, completely and utterly perfect. No girl I had ever seen before or since had a body that perfect. Her shape, her skin and just every little part of her was perfect, or at least I thought so.

We were set up by a mutual friend. We did not hit it off right away when we where "set up". Later in the date when I got nowhere talking to her I figured I might as well try and kiss her. That worked. That worked very well.

I truly wanted to have a normal loving relationship with Harriet. But nothing I ever did made her happy. The only things that made her happy were sexual things. Everything else she would just complain about. So after a while I just stopped trying to get along with her most of the time.

Harriet and I got along best when she was naked. She just loved to be naked. Harriet was the kind of girl that would do anything sexually you wanted, except that is actually have sex. (That is a trait that a lot of young women seem to have in common). I had had fooled around sexually with a few girls before Harriet. But never anyone who was so open about what they did and didn't like. Harriet was the one who taught me how to truly please a woman.

For a quiet weird looking girl Harriet sure had some fetishes. Much more than any other young woman I have ever had the pleasure of pleasuring. She was the kind of girl who wanted you to tie her up and stick your finger up her butt. She absolutely never opened her eyes during any kind of sexual activity. The one thing that really sticks with me about her was the time she wanted me to perform orally on her while she played the violin. (She made it about 2 minutes into whatever it was she was playing).

Harriet eventually left me because she said she was unhappy with our relationship. I can't say that I blame her. We had nothing in common but sex. I did cry simply because I am the kind of guy who tends to cry in situations like that. I don't know if I was crying because I didn't want to lose her, or because I didn't want to lose her body.

Over the years I have seen Harriet a few times, (our social circles have a couple of overlapping people). She has unfortunately gained a lot of weight and no longer has that perfect body that was by far her best quality. She will always be special to me though because we learned about our sexuality together.