I haven't written a daylog in quite a long time. I am sitting here listening to the most boring man in the whole world ramble on about people I have never met. It wouldn't be that bad, but he just won't shut up.

Don't get me wrong, I love people. I just don't like hearing people tell me the same mundane story over and over, (about how they ran out of gas once in 1987). The same people who won't stop telling the same stories over and over are also obsessed with their schedule at work. One of them, (whose schedule never changes), spends at least a half hour staring at the schedule everyday.

Oh well enough about the people at my work.

I had the misfortune of getting in an argument with someone in the chatterbox today. He had been bad mouthing me when I wasn't around, (thank god for wonko's catbox archive). He of course was totally irrational when confronted. He refused to answer my private messages. He would only talk to me in the catbox, using such nice language as "FUXOR i fuck your atari nodes". The sad thing is that I never did anything to this guy. He just randomly picked me to abuse.

My 24th birthday is coming up soon. God, that makes me feel so old. My girlfriend and the girl that is my roommate are both only 19. When I turn 24 I will be almost as close in age to 30 as I will be to them.