This is my 5th week in my new house. The first four weeks I had to share the house with the previous inhabitants (due to a mix-up of when someones new apartment would be ready). But they moved out on the first of the month. So I finally have a house of my own (well I am only renting, but this time it is my place). I have never had a place of my own before. I have lived with my parents, rented rooms in homes and apartments that belonged to other people, but this is he first time I really have a home to call my own, a home that feels like home.

I do have one roommate, but he is a good friend, and he understands that this is my house (not his). I can finally walk into my living room, sit on my couch, and put my feet up on my coffee table. I can go into my kitchen and make a sandwich in my microwave. There is a room of to the side of my kitchen that hold my arcade games (not all of them, I just have Vs. Super Mario Bros., Turbo, and one of my MAME cabinets in there at the moment). Let me tell you something, this feels great. I haven't felt comfortable with my living situation in years. I feel great even though my roommate lost his job right after we moved in. I don't have a dime to my name, but I still feel great. I have spent the last 10 years or so holed up in my little rooms inside of other peoples houses and apartments. I haven't been in my room much at all here (except to sleep). I finally don't have to worry about all the utter crap you have to put up with when you live in someone elses house. Not anymore, now I have one of my own.

I finally feem comfortable enough at home that I feel ready to tackle some of the other problems in my life. But the first thing I need to do is make sure my roommate Dave finds a job in the next week or 2 (before I get too behind in my other bills because I am covering him).

I will also be holding a noder gathering in a few months.