Yes, Christa Miller has seen me naked. But not how you dirty birds might think (and the rumors about Jay and I are entirely untrue also).

My cousin Chris (who is a minor actor; don't worry, you haven't heard of him) used to date her back when I was a little kid. She hadn't done anything important yet (neither had Chris). He brought her over to my mother's house (his mother lived there also). A few minutes after they got there, I came strolling out of the bathroom buck naked. I quickly ran into my room when I saw that we had company (really embarrassed of course). I met her a few more times after that. But that encounter is the only one that I have a clear memory of. Six months later she was gone from Chris' life, and no one ever bothered to tell me when she became famous.

Many years later. I am watching the Drew Carey show at my aunt's house. I made a small comment about liking the actress who plays Kate. "Don't you remember her?" My aunt asked. "She used to be Chris' girlfriend.".

That is when I finally made the connection between Christa and Christa.
So yes, Christa Miller has seen me naked.

No more /msgs about this please!