Small meaningless decisions that you make everyday have a much greater impact than you would ever realize. Little things like, buying a new television, visiting your family, or mowing your lawn, can change the world. Something a simple as opening up a can of Pepsi can spark a chain of events that could change the world.

A 20 year old man in Illinois died last friday night. He would still be alive today if I would not have made a small comment to my roommate about being lonely.

I told Tammy that I was getting pretty lonely and that I needed to find a girlfriend.

Tammy brought me along to a big party to meet all of the girls she knew.

At the party I met Jesi.

I was with Jesi for a while. I realized that she was not right for me. So I broke up with her.

She found someone else.

Friday night that someone else died in a motorcycle accident on the way home from her house.

He would probably still be alive if I had not broken up with Jesi.

He would probably still be alive if I had never gone to that party.

He would probably still be alive if I had never made that little comment to Tammy

I have never met this person. I am not truly to blame. Perhaps he would have died anyway. Perhaps I would have caused someone else to die by not making that comment. But the cold fact remains that I did make that comment. That I did go to that party. That I did break up with that girl. That in the end, someone did die.